Conexio consulting


Limited & focus service: Hotels providing service as ‘Guest-oriented’ start to increase its number in Turkey. It seems that the hotels will be also cost-oriented now. There is no minibar in the room, no minibar personnel. There’s no doorman and no bellboy. We will find many new services, such as ready-made tea coffee machines in the lobby, prototype shopping bins and fastfood machines. Efforts will be made both to serve the needs of the guests, to ensure satisfaction and to employ the minimum necesary staff.

There are too many hotels and the prices are low so the sufficient and good serving hotels will compete with each other. The new hotels to be opened will also change physically in this sense. In 2018 boutique and mid-range hotels will be in demand. Luxury segment businesses are running low.

Standards are also being reduced in room services. Services offered to guests in the room will be restricted, some free of charge products will be reduced or canceled due to costs. According to the number of people in the reservation, the products in the bathroom will be adjusted, the waste of too much soap, shampoo, towel and other products will be ended.

Personnel trainings: The number of the staff decreases or is disappearing. In the coming years the rest of the staff will continue their training and the experienced staff will continue to compete with each other in applying to business announcements.

Cost- oriented studies: In restaurants, portions will become smaller or simpler. The presentation, the visuality, the harmony of the colors in the plate continue to be popular, the restaurants will plan the menus of regional dishes which are more economical and gastronomicaly joyfull.

Rising value of healthy living and natural products: The expectations of the masses, which give importance and value to healthy life, are increasing day by day. Guests want to see more healthy products at breakfast buffets and at lunchtime. They want to stay away from processed food and packaged products. They are also looking for hotels which have modern and technological sports equipments. The modernization equipment for the conscious sport, price appropriateness and advertising will be important for the guests.

The free wi-fi is not enough: Technology has entered every field in our lives now, and in 2018, the technology will be a must for the hotels, and technology will come to the fore. While Wi-fi is now free in all hotels, guests will not be satisfied with it and will go to the maximum search for speed and quota limits. Maximum technology will be required in meetings and seminar organizations.

Personalized service: CRM, (Customer Relationship Management) software will be even more important. Personal wishes of the guests will be recorded and their wishes for the previous stay will be prepared without asking the guest again. Businesses that reflect the private interest and energy of the guest will spend more effort to keep the guest. The guests will know that everything in the hotel will be arranged for them before they arrive at the hotel.

Social media specialists: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc. almost all of them provide great activity in recognition and reservation of the hotels. We will have to concentrate on more to this issue. Because guest comments lead to previous guests. Providing interacitivity, response to the comments professionally, accurate and suitably increases the quality of the business and the reservations. The hotels will employ in sales and marketing department people who are experts in this field. This staff is responsible for the marketing of all room, SPA, restaurant, bar, wedding, engagement, meeting and special occasions that can be sold in the hotel through social media together with providing the control of all social media accounts, uploading photos, managing comments and editing hashtags.