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Nordex top manager Dieguez said, “Turkey is encouraging domestic and foreign investors in the wind market.” said.
Jose Luis Blanco Dieguez, Head of Nordex, wind power equipment manufacturer based in Germany, stating that the global wind energy sector is developing rapidly and said,”Domestic and foreign investors are encouraged of wind market in Turkey. The government recognizes the value of renewable energy with its investments. By the end of 2020, a new support mechanism will emerge. We look forward to the details. ” Mentioning that Turkey is supporting renewable energies because of the sensitivity in environmental issues, Dieguez said efforts to de-carbonize have positive results. Dieguez, noting that each wind market has various features and said that Turkey learns lessons from the mistakes of the European wind energy sector. Stating that the wind markets have differences in terms of dynamics and needs, Dieguez continued his words as follows:
“Investors doing business in different segments of the wind industry in the investment environment in Turkey, or can easily communicate their recommendations or problems to government officials. The government successfully reveals that it recognizes the value of renewable energy by the investments it does. By the end of 2020, a new support mechanism will emerge. We look forward to the details. ”
European Wind Energy Association (WindEurope) top-manager Giles Dickson also said that Turkey has a very successful operation of terrestrial wind energy, ” In Turkey, the legal framework for the regulation and development of the wind energy industry is carefully drawn. Offshore investors who want to invest in the seas of Turkey also are waiting for the emergence of regulations and rules for the first- time planned invesment. A predictable market holds an important place in the renewable energy sector. ” Dickson said that the offshore wind farm is particularly beneficial to Europe’s electricity grid. Offshore wind energy capacity factor is high, and he said that Turkey should use the potential of both land and sea in Turkey.
Nordex Turkey General Manager Ibrahim Özarslan the 2021-2022 year will be held in the announcement of the planned wind investments Mechanism to Promote Renewable Energy Sources (YEKDE I) noted that it is connected. Özarslan stated that not only his own company but also many foreign investors wanted to learn the details of the support mechanism, ” A predictable market will help participants plan for the coming years.” Özarslan also sharing the information of Nordex Turkey, and said that they want to increase 220 employees who currently work in the company to 280 by the end of 2020.
Turkey’s solar energy sector of 1.36 billion dollars over 10 years, while the wind energy sector is expected to provide 33.3 billion dollars worth of industrial production.
According to the report prepared within the scope of “Dissemination of Climate Change Mitigation Side Benefits through Capacity Building in Public Policy Institutions ((COBENEFITS) project, Turkey, could increase the industrial production value in energy production by raising the share of renewable sources. In this context, the solar energy sector, whose total production value in the value chain is calculated as $ 88 million in 2016, is expected to generate $ 1.36 billion in industrial production by 2028 if current renewable energy policies continue to be followed.

In the next 10 years, 15-25 megawatt capacity additions in the field of solar energy are expected to increase production by $ 6.8-11.3 billion. In the wind energy sector, whose total production value in the value chain was calculated to be 25.3 billion dollars in 2016, industrial production is expected to reach 33.3 billion dollars by 2028. In the period in question, the expected increase in wind power for an additional capacity of 13.3-23.3 gigawatts is expected to be $ 47.6-83.5 billion.