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Turkish Octovan receives a 11.5 million TL investment


According to current data, while it is known that a total of $1.27 billion investment agreements were made in the first quarter of 2022, domestic entrepreneurs managed to stand out from the competition with world-class technology and business models. The latest news on this issue came from Octovan, which was established in 2017 to serve the logistics industry and is positioned as a marketplace that brings together shipping companies and customers. Focusing on e-commerce logistics with its new service Octovan Express announced in January 2022, Octovan received an investment of 11.5 million TL in the financing round that Arz Portfolio and Vinci Investment participated.

Sharing his evaluations about the investment process, Octovan CEO Erhan Güneş said, “As of 2022, we have achieved a significant growth momentum and we are growing without slowing down with our Octovan Express service. With the financing we have obtained from this investment round we have completed, we aim to perfect our model in Turkey. We are also in talks to start the overseas operations of some companies we currently work with in Turkey. On the other hand, we plan to start Series A investment negotiations in the near future.”

Focuses on customer satisfaction by combining logistics with technology

With the Octovan Express service, which we announced as of January 2022, we started to offer instant delivery solutions in e-commerce through a model that receives and delivers products with same day delivery, appointment delivery and photo. With this service, we work in cooperation with many marketplaces such as Trendyol, N11, Doğtaş, Arçelik, Pazarama, Vodafone. With Octovan Express solutions, we want to prove that this business can be done with customer satisfaction by combining technology and logistics in the transportation sector, where everyone sees problems in the world.”

Large product delivery in 8.5 hours in Istanbul

Octovan CEO, who stated that Octovan Express, its solution that offers a delivery guarantee within 24 hours within the city and 72 hours between cities and focuses on the transportation of products of 30 decimeters and above corresponding to the microwave oven size, has grown 10 times in the last 6 months in the number of deliveries and experienced a growth of 15 times on the basis of volume. su Erhan Güneş concluded his evaluations with the following statements: “Last year, we tested our product closed for 6 months and ensured that our software works flawlessly. Today, Octovan Express is 99.97% in compliance with the 24-hour guarantee in the city. Our average delivery time in Istanbul is 8.5 hours. In the deliveries made by appointment, the products are delivered to the customer’s door even if there is no elevator in the buildings. Although fast delivery is gaining in importance, competition is very low in 30 desi product transportation. At Octovan, we work with more than 1,200 shipping companies, each specializing in the transportation of large goods. With the investment we have received, we will continue to contribute to the customer satisfaction of companies that need large product transportation, especially e-commerce companies and white goods and furniture manufacturers, and work to make the lives of consumers easier.”