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Increasing the worldwide popularity with the service given to foreign patients, and having difficulty keep up with demands, Turkey, is expecting $ 8 billion revenue from health tourism with over 800 thousand tourists this year. 100 thousand tourists are coming to Turkey for hair transplantation annualy.  This can also be controlled by a number, this can be even higher. Turkey is one of the countries making the best hair transplantation. For example, India is an health destination but even Indians are coming to Turkey for hair because they can not have it done with that quality like in Turkey. Turkey is not only good at hair transplantation but also in optics, organ transplantation, dental health. Hair transplantation in both application and technology is very ahead. However, the prices are so cheap that no country in the world can compete. You have no chance to make up cheaply in a successful operation anywhere in the world as it is in Turkey. As such, Turkey is becoming the first choice of tourists. Turkey’s hair transplantation centers are very active in the Arab world and the Middle East. The location also enables people to travel easily both from Europe and Middle East. If the patient wishes, he / she can return to his / her country by having the plantation within 24 hours. All of these factors make Turkey the most preferred country in the field of hair transplantation.

Successful steps taken in the field of health tourism is the most important reason to attract people living abroad to come to Turkey. Very good promotional activities are managed and Turkey, now proved itself in hair transplantation and aesthetic .

Spanish people are the most coming ones to Turkey for hair transplantation. Italians ranked second and third place are preserved by Middle East citizens. This ranking may vary according to the companies because each company’s advertising destination regions differ.

Hair transplantation has become the center of attraction to Spaniards starting from 2016. The price policy of our country in this area is an important factor in its preference.  But the biggest factor is the quality and professionalism factor. Quality means satisfaction and one satisfied tourist is talking about the operation in his country. Kalite memnuniyet demek, memnun kalan turist ülkesinde bizi anlatıyor. Well done work is heard quickly from ear to ear, also adds prestige to our country and provides a serious return to the country’s economy.

Also, promoting Turkey’s offering advantages in health tourism in Spain especially hair transplantation and esthetic operations, will continue to attract many tourists to the country and open a new branch in the tourism sector.