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Until the Latin American countries from the Balkans, Turkish TV series broadcasting in a wide geography, and the series become in Turkey’s relations with Israel like a “soft power” and have become cultural ambassadors case. Together with the United States, located among the leading countries in the number of big TV series export, Turkey gives importance to enter Israeli market where political problems from time to time have tense. Lately, ‘İstanbullu Gelin’ show has a great impact in Israel. The Turkish reporters who ask in the Israeli people in the streets bump into many fans who are watching at least one Turkish TV series. Haaretz, one of the largest newspapers in Israel, used the title “Turks returned and made all of Israel dependent on themselves” in a report on the İstanbullu Gelin series.  In addition, there are many news in the Israeli press about Turkish series recently.

There are tens of thousands of followers of the pages of Hebrew for Turkish TV series. In one fan page in Facebook which is created by Israeli people for the series ‘İstanbullu Gelin’ saying ‘Only for the addictives’. In this fan page, the latest developments about the new Turkish TV series, which are currently on air or planned to be photographed, are shared frequently with information and photographs about artists’ private lives.

Tourism firms also started to organize tours to the places where Istanbullu Gelin is shoot. Israelis are showing great interest in the tours that companies try to announce through advertisements. There are even those who prefer these tours for the honeymoon.

The most popular Turkish series in Israel now on air are, İstanbullu Gelin, Anne and Kadın. The Turkish TV series, which first appeared on Israeli television in 2011, also included the Menekşe and Halil and the Great Century series.

According to the sharing on the Turkish page fan page on Facebook, the Turkish series Atiye will soon be broadcasted on an Israeli televisionThe Israelis are also closely monitoring the Turkish TV series in Netflix apart from national TV channels.