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Unlicensed solar energy project applications in Turkey reached 35.000 MW

Unlicensed solar energy project applications in Turkey reached 35.000 MW

In his speech at the opening of the Solar Energy and Energy Storage Seminar, Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) Vice President Hacı Ali Ulutaş said that Turkey’s future in energy is solar energy.

Stating that solar energy is one of the focal points of the energy sector with the change in the unlicensed electricity generation process as of 2019, Ulutaş stated that unlicensed electricity generation provides great advantages especially for industrialists with the regulations made and continued as follows:

Establishing an unlicensed facility means that the industrialists generate their own electricity and make it green. It also gets rid of limitations such as carbon tax. In Turkey’s electricity grid, it also has a positive impact on electricity prices as electricity consumption at peak demand or load decreases. The total number of unlicensed solar energy projects, which was 7.500 MW until 2019, has now reached 35.000 MW”.

Emphasizing that renewable energy power plants with storage have emerged as a new method in terms of increasing the use of renewable energy resources, Ulutaş said, “The renewable energy applications with storage exceeding 270.000 MW that we have received are actually important in terms of showing the expectations of renewable energy investors in this field. We have reached the point of reflecting the success story on the field, not on paper.

Solar energy meets 4.5 percent of global electricity demand

Seyit Ardıç, President of the Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO), emphasized that the clean energy transition in the world has increased in recent years and said, “Solar energy has a great potential in this transition. Solar energy currently meets 4.5 percent of global electricity demand. This rate seems low, but the boom in solar energy investments in recent years is very promising.”

The share of renewable energy plants in Turkey’s electricity generation stood at 39 percent in September 2023. The ratio of electricity generated from wind and solar power plants to total electricity generated was approximately 23 percent.”

Emphasizing that Turkey is in a better position in electricity generation from renewable energy compared to many developing economies, Ardıç said, “We need to raise the rate of electricity generation from renewable energy much higher. The energy sector is one of the most invested areas. This process, which companies started in order not to be affected by the increases in energy prices and to produce their own energy, has increased even more with the prominence of environmentally sensitive production in order to cope with the problems brought by the climate crisis.”