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Turkey Wind Energy Association Chairman Erol Güray, considering the feasibility of the investment return and the production capacity of the projects res mini YEKA 20, 30 and 50 can be determined as said megawatts.
Stating that different investors can participate in such tenders and it would be possible to realize the power plants faster, Erol said, “Thus, the projects can be financed more easily. The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) would accept this 2 thousand megawatts of project applications in 2018. Then October 2020. ‘eat, they postponed. October approached, also they took to it indefinitely suspended. we understand now that Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the 2 thousand megawatts of Turkey Electricity Transmission AŞ it sees fit, opener as EMRA’s capacity has decided to use as YEKA. ” he spoke.
Stating that there are different ideas about where these projects will be done, Erol continued as follows: “There’s the wind was strong three corridors in Turkey. One of these corridors, Tekirdag and the southern part of the Sea of Marmara, the other Balıkesir corridor from Izmir and Bodrum. The third corridor in Karaman, Mersin Akdeniz Hatay back the tape. These three regions The region where the most investment is made and is quite dense in terms of capacity. We think that in mini YEKA RES, the regions where less installation is made will be evaluated. We anticipate that the investment amount of the 2 thousand megawatts capacity mini YEKA WPP projects, which are expected to be announced in the coming days, will be at the level of 1.6 billion Euros.”
Erol said that they think that as the capacity scales decrease, the necessity to establish an R&D center or factory will disappear as in other YEKA projects.
Erol pointing can be provided easily from local companies the necessary equipment for the project, “Turkey can be purchased 50 percent of domestic wind equipment in. If you are also mini YEKA RES storing electricity in a part of the project must be searched, a development that wait many years the industry will have occurred. This is both natural resources We will have a more reliable and robust electricity infrastructure that will help the infrastructure in preventing imbalances in the system coming from it, he said.

Spanish energy company Iberdrola has submitted 150 projects to the Next Generation EU Program to mobilize investments worth 21 billion euros in Spain.
Iberdrola is starting to benefit from 750 billion euros in EU rescue fund. The company has applied for 150 projects to be financed from the New Generation EU bailout program, worth 750 billion euros, under the European Union’s grants and loans to help stimulate economies suffering from the pandemic. Iberdrola expects the Government of Spain to approve most of the projects, such as June and July.
The total value of the projects offered by Iberdrola is 21 billion euros. The projects include 350 small and medium businesses, institutions, technology partners, startups and the entire value chain in Spain.
The projects offered by the company; includes green hydrogen, innovative renewable energy, sustainable mobility, energy storage, smart electricity grids, heat electrification and clean technologies and recycling components. The projects will contribute 1.5% to the growth of the Spanish economy.