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Turkey- ıran relations

Iran is an important neighbor for Turkey, sharing a border of about 560 km for the last 400 years. For both countries there is a relation in the aim of bilateral relations on the basis of non-interference, mutual respect and good neighborhood principles. Especially with the high-level of vists held correspondingly, it is aimed to progress the relations both in terms of bilateral relations and regional issues.

After the establishment of the embargo by the USA, the relations of Iran with European Union and neighbor countries got worst, so the relations with Turkey also couldn’t find enough basis to develop also. Additionally, the economical relations couldn’t reach the sufficient development because of the same reason.

Iran has a geopolitical importance for Turkey. It is a buffer zone for the economic relations between Turkey- Middleast and African countries. After the withdraw of the embargo, Turkey- Iran relations speed up. Collaboration meetings were held in 2016 in Ankara and Konya, and one in Tehran. To improve relations. On the other hand, the chamber of commerces frequently visiting each other.

Turkey- Iran trade volume is on the level of 8 billion dollars. Turkey is one of the top countries that import oil from Iran. Iran has a 73% share of oil exportation in total export numbers. The export- import items between two countries are:

Turkey exports: Gold, steel profiles, automotive supply products

Turkey imports: Oil and oil products, natural gas


In recent years, the visitors from Iran exceed 1.5 million. Turkey has a good infraestructure in tourism to satisfy Iranian tourists with its beaches, culture, conferences and cruise activities. The construction sector in Iran is one of the very profitable sectors. Because of that the government of Iran doesn’t let the foreigners to invest except for very specific projects. It is observed that in the Iranian market Turkish investors are aproach with a positive actitude, due to the cultural links among others.


Turkey is developing projects in Irán in sectors like health, education and service to the online platforms. It could be a good partner for Iran to cover this lack with its wide experience.

The acceptance of Turkish entrepreneurs in Iran could help the development and a faster growth of Iranian economy, strong employment and development of the knowledge. Besides, it can be seen that to improve the bilateral relations will be effectible for both sides as Iran is the door for Turkey to Mid-Asia and Turkey is the door for Iran to Europe.

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