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Turkey ranks sixth in Europe for Combined power plant capacity


Turkey includes its name on another list 14th in the world, 6th in Europe!

 As of the end of March, Turkey’s installed electricity capacity exceeded 100 thousand megawatts, while 86% of the electricity generation investments made in the last 4 years were realized in the field of renewable energy.According to the information obtained from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the installed power of electricity, which was approximately 32 thousand megawatts in 2002, reached 100 thousand 334 megawatts by the end of March.

Hydroelectric power plants took the first place in the existing installed power with 31 thousand 508 megawatts, followed by natural gas power plants with 25 thousand 458 megawatts.


Renewable resources accounted for 54 percent of the installed power.

Domestic coal had the third highest share in Turkey’s electricity installed power with 11,388 megawatts. Domestic coal was followed by wind power plants with 10 thousand 861 megawatts, imported coal power plants with 9 thousand 54 megawatts and solar power plants with 8 thousand 29 megawatts. Thus, the installed capacity of solar energy, which was 40 megawatts in 2014, exceeded 8 thousand megawatts.

As of the end of March, the installed power of geothermal power plants increased to 1676 megawatts, while the installed power of other sources was 258 megawatts.

While renewable resources constitute 54 thousand 176 megawatts (54%) of the total installed power, the share of domestic resources was calculated as 65 percent. Renewable resources accounted for 86% of the electricity generation investments made in the last 4 years.


 Turkey ranks 14th in the world and 6th in Europe

Turkey has become one of the 14 countries in the world with an installed power exceeding 100 thousand megawatts.

After China, the USA, India, Japan, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Canada, France, South Korea, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, Turkey made its mark on the list of “100 thousand” in installed electricity capacity.

Turkey became the 6th country in Europe to reach 100 thousand megawatts.

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez shared on his Twitter account, “And Turkey’s installed power in electricity has exceeded 100 thousand megawatts. With the diligent efforts of the public and private sectors, we have increased our installed power more than three times in the last 20 years. The green share in the installed power is 54 percent. As our power increases, our economy grows. Turkey is advancing step by step to 2023.” used the phrases.