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In the ‘Turkey – Russia High Level Collabration Council Meeting’ held in Moscow leading by Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russia President Vladimir Putin, the ‘2019 Turkey- Russia Culture and Tourism Year’ declaration signed by both Ministers of Culture of each country. Thus, in order to introduce the culture of both countries in 2019, the organization of dozens of important events in the fields of culture, art and tourism has been opened. As Turkey become the first market in tourism 2019 is declared to be ‘year of Turkey’ in Russia. In this context, many activities from literature to performance arts will be held bilaterally in Turkey and Russia throught the year.

Cultural events such as conferences, exhibitions, concerts, cinema, theater, opera and ballet will continue throughout the year. There will be a mutual program exchange between Turkish and Russian TVs. In addition, joint projects will be realized between Turkish and Russian TVs. The program will exchange. The TV series and cinemas of both countries will be screened on Russian and Turkish television.

“The number of Russians who are interested in the Ottoman Empire is increasing thanks to Turkish cinema, which is extremely popular in our country.” said the Ankara Ambassador of Russia Aleksey Erkhov. Erkhov said that the pilgrimage routes covering the regions where Christianity was born and spread in Anatolia are very important for the Russians and the improvements to be made in these regions could increase the number of Russian tourists.

Defining that both countries are in a strong relationship in business world such as the infrastructure investments of Turkish firms in Russia and revenues of agricultural product export and tourism Erkshov said ” Cooperation between Russian and Turkish companies should be developed. The two countries can reach a trade target of $ 100 billion if joint investments are realized in the market of third countries.”

Turkish pop singer Tarkan, after a long break in Russia, will give a concert in the frame of “Mutual of Culture and Tourism of Turkey-Russia Year”. The organizer Atalay emphasizing that the Republic of Tatarstan connected to the Russian Federation was of great importance to the nation as a common cultural link, said “Turkish people wanted to show that they did not only trade in Kazan but could also support the social and cultural structure of the city with Turkish artists. Atalay continued, “With the thought of getting people together under same roof, presenting our country, building a friendship bridge and making a positive contribution to the Turkey perception of Russia, we made this organization agreeing with the greatest Turkish popstar Tarkan.”

There are many organizations will be held under this concept of the year in both countries. These activities will expected to be reflected on business stage too. After getting to know each other well and catching the attention through ‘Turkey- Russia friendship’ will boost two countries’s market starting with tourism.

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