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With the beginning of the epidemic coronavirus, Turkey sent aid supplies to many countries, including the personal protective equipment.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Cavusoglu, said in a statement on April 18 that 116 countries requested assistance from Turkey and 44 of them received help.
Turkey sends medical supplies to China at the beginning of the epidemic had been among the first countries.
The Defense Ministry said in a statement on March 31 that health equipment was sent to Italy and Spain by military aircraft.
According to the description of NATO, Turkey sent a total of 450 thousand masks to Spain and Italy. 116 respirators, whose export was prohibited, were also sold to Spain with special permission.
Among other European countries that Turkey sent aid to was the United Kingdom. First aid reached the country on April 10. Then in process England, he bought the goods from Turkey by paying the fee.
Turkey sent aid by military plane to another NATO ally, the United States, on April 28. US Ambassador David Satterfield, said in a statement on April 28, “On behalf of the US government, I thank you for the generous donations for medical equipment and other essential supplies to our NATO ally Turkey, took place today,” he said.
Turkey helped in the Balkans; Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bulgaria.
Turkey donated protective equipment to one of the countries that coronavirus outbreak first began to spread outside of China, Iran. “The 1000 diagnostic kits, 4,715 overalls, 20 thousand gowns, 2 thousand 4 glasses, 4 thousand N95 masks and 78 thousand three-layer masks were donated to Iran,” the Ministry of Health made a statement on the subject.
Turkey to Iraq’s Arbil Governorate and the mask was found in 30 thousand 475 packages of food aid.
From Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan were sent to help.
Apart from these countries, more protective equipment has been sent to many countries such as Colombia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The nature and amount of medical supplies sent by Turkey is changing from country to country. Generally, there are protective materials such as N95 mask, surgical mask, overalls, protective glasses and visor and test kits.