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Increasing pollution of air, water and soil and increasing use of a significant part of it, especially in metropolitan and industrial areas due to environmental pollution, piercing the ozone layer, increasing the temperature of the earth, increasing consumption of natural resources; in this situation the environmental organizations, associations and foundations to protect the environment has developed widely in the last few years in Turkey. In 1972, by the UN Environment Conference in Stockholm, ‘environment’ started to be approached as a ‘matter’ in Turkey. Also as a political issue it was spread through society and had a big support. Let’s take a look at the NGOs helping to strengthen this support,

Doğal Hayatı Koruma Derneği (Natural Life Protection Association):

The aim of the association is to raise an awareness and protect Turkey’s  extraordinary rich plant and animal species and the value of their natural habitat. The association carries out protecting projects for this purpose and cooperates with the community, local / central managers and companies.


Greenpeace witnesses the direct, peaceful actions of our World without violence to environmental problems, and publicizes them through the press and draws attention to environmental problems. It runs campaigns based on scientific evidence. They are also active in Turkey.

TEMA (Erosion Control and Reforestation Foundation for the Protection of Natural Wealth):

Tema was established in 1992. It is a non-governmental organization that has taken an important place in the Turkish public opinion, which has the primary aim of Turkey’s struggle against desertification and erosion.

ÇEKÜL  (Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of Environmental and Cultural Values):

It is a non-governmental organization founded in 1990 in order to protect the natural and cultural heritage of Turkey. Considering natural resources, cultural heritage and human as a whole, ÇEKÜL has aimed to protect the natural and cultural environment.

Türkiye Çevre Vakfı (Turkey Environement Association):

“There is a lot we have to do for our life in a cleaner environment.” It is a voluntary non-governmental organization that set out in 1978.

ÇEVKOR (Environmental Protection and Research Foundation):

Founded by the academic members of the Aegean and Dokuz Eylül Universities in 1991. The aim is Inoculation of environmental awareness in all parts of the society and training and education activities in this area, encouraging and developing systems that will not bring about environmental pollution; the protection, development and survival of natural, historical and cultural assets.

ÇEKÜD (Environment Volunteers Assocaiton):

Objectives; in solidarity with the civil society and the public institutions in order to protect nuture and safely convey the natural, cultural and social environment; critical and analytical thinking, contributing to the formation of a society that depends on cultural values, people with high moral and environmental consciousness.

ÇEVKO (Foundation for Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Assessment):

Çevko aims to recycle packaging waste in Turkey under the leadership of the industry in cooperation with society and local governments in a sustainable system; the necessity of separate collection of the basic elements at the source of these wastes, the creation of recycling industry and capacity and the provision of consumer education and participation in the establishment of a healthy, clean and recyclable recycling system for the evaluation of domestic packaging waste of glass, metal, plastic and paper.

TURMEPA (Turkey Clean Sea Association):

Founded in 1994, the association aims to be the most effective force to ensure that the sea and our coasts are not polluted and that national and international laws and agreements are implemented in this respect.

TÜDAV (Turkey Sea Research Association):

Established in 1997 to make researches in marine science in Turkey and protect marine life.

TÜRÇEV (Turkey Environment Education Association):

It was established in 1993 with the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism for the purpose of launching the Blue Flag Program in Turkey and has been active throughout the country. The Foundation is a member of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Türçev strives to build qualified beaches and marinas and exhibits activities to create a clean, well-equipped, safe environment consciousness.

TÜRÇEK (Turkey Environmental Protection and Greening Agency):

Established in Istanbul in 1972 as the first voluntary environmental organization in Turkey and operating in the face of increasingly intense environmental problems.

Doğa Derneği (Association of Nature):

Starting from the year of establishment in 2002, it has a principle of self-determination to bring constructive and on-site solutions to the problems of Turkey’s nature. It treats nature and man as a whole and contributes to the life of nature in Turkey, especially in Important Nature Areas.