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Turkey’s first open field Agricultural SPP application starts to generate electricity

Turkey agricultural SPP

Turkey’s first open field agriculture-integrated solar power plant (Agriculture SES) with a capacity of approximately 100 kilowatts, which was installed on 1.6 acres in Ankara, will start electricity production in July.

In agricultural SPP applications, it is aimed to increase the productivity in agriculture and reduce the energy costs of the farmers by ensuring that the electricity needs in agricultural areas with limited land are met from solar panels.

METU-GÜNAM Module Technologies Unit Coordinator Dr. Talat Özden told Anadolu Agency (AA) that 6 products will be planted on the agricultural land and that the growth and productivity analyzes of the products will be made comparatively under the control area and the Agriculture SPP.

Expressing that the cooperation of farmers has an important place in this research project, Özden said, “Farmers had to be persuaded. In general, there are energy costs, especially irrigation, in farming. Last year, a farmer’s electricity consumption cost for irrigation purposes is around 250 thousand liras for a farmer who produces on 200 decares of land. “All kinds of solutions were waiting for the farmers to overcome this problem. Agricultural SPP application will serve the farmers as a very useful application despite the initial costs.”

In this project, it was explained that the height of the panel reached 4.5 meters and that the panels had the technical feature that vehicles such as tractors could pass under them.

Pointing out that the biggest advantage of Agricultural SPP is to increase the efficiency of agriculture and to provide energy production together, Özden said: “One of the biggest problems in the world right now is the climate crisis, which means more sunlight. Plants exposed to too much sunlight. While this situation is negatively affected, the quality of sunbathing increases as the panels transmit the desired amount of light. In this case, the productivity of the plants increases. They are less affected by problems such as sunburn. The design of the first Agricultural SPP project with a capacity of 100 kilowatts, established on a 1.6-decare land, belongs to ODTÜ-GÜNAM. The designs may vary according to the type of agricultural production. In our project, the panels are placed in the east-west direction. It is a mobile structure. At the same time, this system, which can be viewed remotely, helps us to control the electricity production and agricultural productivity. Moreover, all kinds of data can be monitored with cameras in the control and experimental field. All data of plants, including growth and irrigation needs, will be tracked. It can be evaluated holistically and analyzes of agricultural product data will be carried out in the Ankara-Ayaş District Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry.”