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Turkey’s First Wave Power Plant to be Established in Ordu

According to the protocol signed, a wave energy facility of up to 77 megawatts (MW) will be established in Ordu.

Estimated $150 million power plant, Turkey’s first grid-connected wave power plant, and the world’s largest wave power plant While he was the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler stated that they have been working on the production of electricity from the waves of the Black Sea for a while and they have reached the result.

President Güler said, “We signed an agreement of 150 million dollars for wave energy production in Turkish-Israeli partnership. Hopefully, we will be able to produce energy from the waves of our Black Sea. When I was the Minister of Energy, we had enacted the renewable energy laws, and now I hope we will achieve this success. Wave energy is an environmentally friendly, clean energy. Pointing out that wave energy is renewable and environmentally friendly, Güler said that Turkey is in an advantageous position in this field as it is surrounded by seas on three sides.

Emphasizing that they contribute to Turkey’s energy policy with the facilities they have commissioned in the city, Güler also stated that they will support the shaping of the legal basis for sea wave power plants.

Güler stated that they can try the project of generating electricity from wave energy in rivers as well as seas, adding, “This is a separate study. That’s why it’s not just for the sea. Theoretically, it’s possible to build a power plant wherever there is waves.”

Turkey’s first and the world’s largest wave power plant

It was announced on the twitter account of the Israeli embassy that an agreement was signed for the establishment of a 77 megawatt power plant in Ordu. And in this Sharing, expressions were used for the power plant, which will be the first in Turkey, “When the facility is completed, it will be the largest wave power plant in the world.”

It was stated in the statement that EWP will be responsible for the construction of the power plant, its commissioning and the sale of the electricity produced at the power plant, and that the power plant also reflects the effort to re-strengthen relations between Turkey and Israel.