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The total volume of the gaming industry in the world has reached $ 135 billion as of last year. Turkey has the largest market with a market size of $ 850 million, 18th World position.
According to Commerce Department data, Turkey’s gaming software exports increased by 50 percent in 2017 compared to last year reached 1 billion 50 million dollars.
Turkey’s share in the increase of the gaming industry, plays an important role in the work of local companies in the sector.
Alpay Alptekin, InGame Group Senior Manager, saying that Turkey’s goal of becoming the worldwide gaming company said it has begun its activities in 2012, the Turkish gaming brands in the world as soon as they reached their goal of bringing together millions of players at different locations. Stating that the Turkish game industry has witnessed serious developments in the last 10 years, Alptekin noted that Turkish gaming companies have become the favorite of global investors with their success.
Alptekin, Turkey is of no disadvantage compared to foreign game companies in Turkey, stressing that the worldwide game developers are very good, “The difference is not in technical competence, but because the foreign game companies are on the road and have achieved the global distribution before. Our industry has existed for 15 years but we are learning fast. We are practicing and very smart. We will close the gap in a short time.”
Stating that the game is a big industry and grows double digits every year, Alptekin said, “Our country is the center of attention of global companies with its size and potential. Growing digital games as a group of companies aiming to contribute with investments and innovations in the industry, as well as Turkey on 3 different continents, 10 regions, we are producing games played in 11 different languages. We have reached millions of players with the games we have produced so far.”
Alptekin noted that MadByte Games, the developer of the domestic game “Zula”, the publisher company Lokum Games, Boombyte Games, which focuses on mobile game development, include MadByte Games, the developer of the domestic game “Zula”.
Turkish companies influence in the gaming industry, digital game production, as well as game Turkcell in the accessories field game platform brand Playcell the first stage of Turkey’s education started in the Army in order to contribute to the digital games industry mobilization was completed.
According to the explanation made by Turkcell, The increase in Turkey’s success in digital game industry by Playcell and young people in the Army in order to create employment opportunities in this field “Digital Game Development Education” were held.
Within the scope of the trainings, M. Hilmi Guler Science and Art Center (SAC) teachers in Ordu, by expert instructors makerstürki digital game development training for 10 days was given the rise in.
This figure is increasing, and Turkey’s gaming market visionary for the future in order to ensure you receive a greater share of the pie programs and projects that improve the transfer Guler, said:
“The gaming sector will be very important in the future. Own and be prepared to increase Turkey’s share in this sector, but also to future generations of young talents in the province of Ordu training SACs starting the game software to direct this field, we aim to shed light. With these continuous trainings, we aim for many young people and adults to reach the competence to produce games. With this Project started in Ordu, Turkey will increase their success in the digital games industry and even our young people not in employment, especially our children will be removed centered on different opportunities in this area.
US mobile game developer Zynga made the biggest purchase in its history and bought the Turkish game developer company Peak Games for $ 1.8 billion. With this sale, Peak became the first Turkish company to take the term “unicorn” used for a start-up exceeding 1 billion dollars in the technology world. Having changed its partnership structure with the agreement, Peak will continue its activities under its own brand, without any changes in its team and management, and will remain a Turkish company. Peak, engineering, art, design, business and the social sciences have been trained at 35 different universities in Turkey consists of a team of 100 people.
Peak Strategy Director Ömer İnönü evaluating the Peak and Zynga agreement, “We have the interests of the global mobile gaming industry emerges from one of the giants of Turkey in 10 years. This is really proud of both Peak and our country. We waited for the right time to join forces with a strategic partner to further increase our growth, progress and impact. We believe that Zynga is the right company for this strategic partnership, which we believe that we can truly go on a long journey with their approach and trust in us. The agreement we have made is at the very heart of Peak’s confidence in all the team, what he has done and will do, and Peak’s potential. We are happy, proud, but most excited for what we will achieve next.” İnönü continued its statement, “The signature of great importance for our country, placing Peak is among the most valuable company in the history of Turkey. This deal concretely emphasizes that beautiful people can achieve everything when they believe in big dreams together. The architect of Turkey’s success over the united around the same goals and values, and tremendously exciting young team. The real value of this agreement lies right here.”