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Turkey’s drilling vessel ‘Fatih’, 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the Black Sea has scored a great dream start exploring.
President Erdogan, “Turkey made the biggest natural gas discovery in the history of the Black Sea. Our Fatih Drilling Ship has discovered 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in Tuna 1 drilling on 20 July 2020. I remember the day I saw him off the Bosphorus. “President Erdoğan said,” Now our goal is to bring the gas of our Black Sea to the use of the nation in 2023. ”
Stating that they decided to conduct such activities not through leasing or similar methods, but through national institutions, Erdoğan said:
“We determined the national energy and mining policy of our country from the beginning in 2017. Berat Albayrak, who was our Minister of Energy and Natural Resources at that time, and Fatih Dönmez, who followed him, together with their teams meticulously and decisively implemented this policy. We added 3 drill ships to the deep-sea exploration fleet of our country.
In addition, we strengthened this fleet with our Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa and Oruç Reis seismic research ships. Our 3 drilling and 2 seismic research vessels, which are owned by our country, are working entirely with our own equipment and our own personnel. The unit cost of the drillings we make with the ships we bring to our country at a cost well below world prices is also very low. We do not have the slightest external dependency in our drilling and seismic research studies.
Expressing that they believe that they will look to the future more confidently as a country that has suffered from the financial and moral problems of foreign dependency in energy for years, Erdogan said, “We carried out this operation completely with national means. Now we will immediately start to open detection wells, then we will determine the production concept and move on to construction and construction works. We will start to actually benefit from this resource with the process of transferring it to the system. Now, I am giving the goal. Our goal is to make Black Sea gas available to our nation in 2023. Thus, we have received the first and biggest fruit of the works we have carried out by weaving patiently stitches. ” he spoke.
Bilkent Energy Policy Research Center ‘Turkey’s Natural Gas Discovery in the Black Sea: A Short History and Effects’ named according to the report, there will be significant benefits to the discovery of gas in the Black Sea to Turkey.
The most important of these advantages is that gas imports will decrease depending on the production in Sakarya Gas Field. For example, 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas to be produced annually will be able to meet 20 percent of the gas demand of the country.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at his party’s TBMM Group Meeting. President Erdogan also touched on the ongoing drilling works in the Black Sea and said, “New good news are coming. I hope Fatih will go to our drill ship and see the work on site and announce the new reserve amount.” Which he will explain this weekend.