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Turkey’s wind energy potential introduced in Germany


İbrahim Erden, President of Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB), said that they demonstrated Turkey’s industry and investment potential in wind at the WindEnergy Hamburg event.


İbrahim Erden, President of the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB), stated at the WindEnergy Hamburg Conference and Fair that the event was extremely successful for Turkey within the scope of the events organized by the TÜREB organization, and that more than 130 participants and more than 30 companies saw the potential of Turkey’s wind energy industry. He said that he successfully introduced them to the visitors.

Pointing out that Turkey is a very suitable center for the west looking for an alternative after the disruptions in the supply chain from the far east due to the Ukraine-Russia war and the Kovid-19 epidemic that has been going on for the last two years, Erden said:


“We have a wind energy installed capacity of more than 11 thousand MW. However, our potential can reach more than 100 thousand MW only in onshore wind and 250 thousand MW in solar energy. European manufacturers need reliable suppliers in many fields, especially wind turbine components. With its strong infrastructure, renewable energy source that is open to development and its experience in many sub-technologies, Turkey will be closer to Europe than ever before in the last 10 years. At the WindEnergy Hamburg event, we demonstrated the industry and investment potential of Turkey in wind. Young population, qualified personnel and a specialized team are among the advantages of Turkey. The participation of Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez and Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank to the organization in Hamburg is a first for the Turkish side of the organization. The simultaneous participation of the two ministers demonstrates confidence in wind energy, and a sign of great motivation to further develop the industry. In addition, Turkey was one of the most represented countries. We were represented by a strong pavilion. I think more than 20 thousand people visited this event in 4 days.”

Erden said that many countries that want to diversify their energy supply sources have entered into a hydrogen-related transformation.


Stating that there is a great interest in this field in Turkey, “Hydrogen can contribute to energy production three times more than natural gas. It can become a resource suitable for use in industry. For example, we are a very large fertilizer and steel producer. There is good wind and good sun in Turkey. Turkey’s proximity to Europe in terms of logistics, qualified manpower and strong industry are all features that make it easier for Turkey to do business in many fields. If Turkey succeeds in hydrogen production, all of these energy-intensive sectors can achieve the green transformation. We can reach these products, which we call green steel, green cement, green ceramic products, with low emission and environmentally friendly productions, and we can purify industrial production from emissions. Interest in hydrogen will suddenly increase in the world.”