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The fires that started in Manavgat, Antalya on July 28 in Turkey, and then broke out in at least 30 different cities, have been going on for days at some points. The number of people who lost their lives in the fires rose to 8. Thousands of animals perished, forest and agricultural lands and greenhouse areas in the region turned to ash. Villages and other settlements threatened by the fires were evacuated.
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli announced that 125 of the 132 fires that started on July 28 and whose numbers are increasing gradually have been brought under control.
Following the ongoing forest fires in Turkey, it was reported that Turkey activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. In a written statement made by the European Commission, “Turkey has activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. In an immediate response, the European Commission helped mobilize 1 Canadair aircraft from Croatia and 2 Canadair aircraft from Spain.
In the statement, it was stated that the said fire extinguishers are part of the European civil protection assets, rescEU, and that the European Union’s 7/24 Emergency Response Coordination Center is in regular contact with the Turkish authorities.
Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic said in a statement, “The EU stands in full solidarity with Turkey at this very difficult time. Thank you to all the countries that offered help. Our thoughts are with the Turkish people who lost their loved ones and the brave first responders doing their best to fight the deadly fires. We are ready to provide further assistance.”
A team from Azerbaijan entered the country to support the fight against forest fires in different parts of Turkey.
220 personnel, who came from the Sarp Border Gate on the Turkish Georgia border with 53 vehicles, 41 of which were fire trucks, were greeted by Artvin Regional Director of Forestry Mimar Sinan Özkaya and Provincial Disaster Emergency Manager Mehmet Salih Avcı.
The team, which came to Hopa district in convoy, was served food by Artvin Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency, after refueling the vehicles, the team moved to the fire area.
Colonel Nazar Bagishov, responsible for the team, told reporters that they came here to fight the fires in Turkey.
Turkish Aeronautical Association, which issued a written statement after the news about the firefighting aircraft in Turkey, said, “Currently, 3 Beriev BE-200s in various regions of our country, including Manavgat. Amphibious fire-fighting aircraft with a capacity of 10 thousand liters, 15 Mi-8 with a capacity of 2,500 liters. A total of 20 vehicles, including general-purpose helicopters, 2 general-purpose fire-fighting CH-47 Chinook helicopters with a capacity of 7,500 liters, continuously respond to fires in every region of our country, including forest fires in Manavgat. said.
Well, how is the situation in other countries such as Turkey, which have a coast on the Mediterranean and frequently face forest fires due to the hot weather?
When we look at the Mediterranean countries, the table is as follows:
Greece has one of the largest firefighting aircraft fleets in the region. Although the fleet of Canadair-Bombardier CL-215 Scooper and CL-415 Superscooper aircraft is a bit old, a fleet of 20 aircraft consisting of 13 CL-215 and 7 CL-415 aircraft is in active use.

According to the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, there is a Canadair firefighting fleet of 30 aircraft, consisting of 16 CL-415 and 3 CL-215 deployed in different parts of the country. Babcock company has over 100 different types of aircraft in Italy for firefighting. This includes small, medium and large helicopters and airplanes.
The number of firefighting aircraft in the French Civil Defense is 29. These include 12 Canadair CL415, 10 Grumman S-2 Tracker, 4 Dash-8 Q400 and 3 Beechcraft King Air 200. In addition to these, France also has a fleet of 40 EC145 helicopters operating at 22 bases on the mainland and overseas Corsica territory.
Fighting frequent forest fires with the influence of the Mediterranean climate, Spain has a Canadair fleet of 17 aircraft (14 CL-215 and 3 CL-415). In Spain, firefighting planes work within the air force. In addition, an international company called Babcock provides important support to Spain in fires. The company, which provides service to Italy in the same way, has 57 firefighting aircraft of various types in Spain.