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Agriculture has historically been one of the leading sectors in Turkey, mainly due to the country’s climatic characteristics and its biological diversity. he agricultural sector currently does not have the economic weight in Turkey that it has had historically. Due to the industrialization of the country, the contribution of this sector to the GDP is declining, although its production has not stopped growing despite the fact that the percentage of the employed population continues to be around 20%.

Local production in this sector ranges from livestock products, grain, legumes, fruits and vegetables, to figs, apricots and nuts, being the biggest producer of many of them, such as hazelnuts (70% of world production) and one of the biggest in many others such as cherries, melons, leeks, spices, raspberries, pistachios, lentils, beans, watermelons and honey. Turkey has great potential in organic agriculture thanks to its experience and biodiversity, with the number of hectares dedicated to this use having grown in recent years.

The aid allocated to the sector by the Turkish Government, the increase of population, the increase in productive efficiency due to greater automation, its strategic location for trade and its competitive labor costs, have made the country the focus of foreign investment in the sector, especially from Middle Eastern countries.

The sector employs more than 5 million people throughout the country.

Since 2011 CONEXIO has provided security and experience in Turkey at the service of companies, introducing products to the Turkish market, developing investment projects, connecting companies with 85 million customers and boosting their success.

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